Squirrel Hunting with EDgun Leshiy and ATN X Sight 4K Pro

This episode of backyard hunting / pest control is focused on Squirrels.  We have 1000's of squirrels... and I mean literally 1,000's within my square block.  I shoot maybe 25% of what I see in mine and my neighbors yards, so you can imagine how many I'm talking about.  I could tag out daily.  I'm continuing with the low power, ultra quiet / backyard friendly tune of the EDgun Leshiy in .25 with 25gr JSB Kings.  I have it shooting 545fps, so about 16ft/lbs. This is perfect for squirrels.  I think I could even go lower, but don't want to push it with the .25.  I'll explorer going lower when the .177 barrel arrives from John Hagan... who did the work to turn my EDgun Leshiy into the Silent Overkill (more on that here, if your interested).

The rest of the kit is: ATN X-Sight 4K Pro 3-14x, Atlas bipod, DonnyFL Emperor v2, and Streamlight TLR-1 IR

EDgun Leshiy, ATN X Sight 4K Pro 3-14X, Streamlight XLR-1 IR, Atlas Biopod

In Volume 1 I'm starting to mess around with slow motion, but only using 60fps on the film speed.  While it totally works, it gets a little choppy.  These squirrels didn't seem to care! ;)

Just as I was done filming Volume 1, ATN released a new firmware update.  It primarily did 2 things... first, it made the night vision mode clarity a lot better... and then secondly, it allowed for recording scope cam footage at 120fps.  This is a pretty significant difference.  It doesn't record with the reticle, but to be honest, I prefer it... as I can overlay that easily, and then remove right after the shot, so you can better see the flight path of the pellet.

All of Volume 2 (and the end of Volume 1) is shot in 120fps.  I think you'll agree, the footage is superior in quality.  How about that low power tune!!



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