The EDgun Leshiy is an iconic airgun.  Its ability to change calibers with ease, unmatched durability, and overall simplicity made it an industry favorite.  The king of all airguns.  Then came the EDgun Leshiy 2 REPR.  While I will always love my Leshiy Classic, the EDgun Leshiy 2 REPR is the new king.  It's versatility allows it to fit to your specific needs: Truck gun, backpack gun, backyard small game hunter, or even the paper puncher that's turned off by the 50 pound bench airguns you need a white glove to touch.  EDgun is a mans man airgun.  Toss it in your backpack, throw it in the truck, hell... even run over it with your truck... it's there when you need it.
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EDgun Leshiy 2 - EDgun West

EDgun Leshiy 2

It's finally here! The EDgun Leshiy 2 is without a doubt the most advanced and ultimate airgun on the market. It's everything you loved about the original plus everything you've ever wanted in a version 2... multi-shot, semi-auto, AR grip compatible, larger air tank, and much more! The Leshiy 2 is an absolute engineering masterpiece… take a bow Ed! 

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EDgun Leshiy - EDgun West

EDgun Leshiy

It’s not easy to fully describe the EdGun Leshiy in just a few small words, but if I had to try, I’d say it’s accurate, mobile and full-powered. Unlike some other air rifles, it’s definitely not a toy! Its small size allows it to fit into a small backpack, which makes it a fun gun that you can take anywhere...

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EDgun Lelya 2.0 - EDgun West

EDgun Lelya 2.0

Disclaimer: don’t treat it as a formal review. It’s rather a story of me and my Lelya. After more than 20 tins of pellets I can say with full confidence - this is my favorite EdGun and overall favorite pcp ever. So if you have some time - just grab your coffee and check out why I do think so. It’s about technical aspects...

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EDgun R5M

When I decided to pick up a new PCP (Pre-Charged Pneumatic) air rifle, I knew I wanted not just performance, but undisputed power! So when Ed announced the Limited Edition R5 in .30 cal, I was all over it. After finalizing the purchase, the Edgun Matador R5 was delivered into my hands in a sturdy wooden box. 

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