My EDgun Leshiy 2 Rigs

The Other EDgun's in My Safe

EDgun Leshiy 2

The Leshiy 2 is a true game changer.  It's everything you love about the original Leshiy along with everything you ever wanted in an updated version: Multi-Shot, Semi-Auto, Multi-Caliber critter smashing machine.  Use the button below for more info!


EDgun Leshiy

The EDgun Leshiy is unlike anything ever seen in the airgun world.  It's the ultimate truck / pack gun.  Available in .177 - .357, this single shot machine is an incredible tool.  This is a mans man airgun, not some paper puncher.  1 shot is all you need!


EDgun Lelya 2.0

At ~ 24inches in length, this compact bullpup delivers the hits.  I'm a terrible offhand shooter, but this one makes me look like a pro while popping rats.  On a bag, it's sub MOA all day long for me.  It's beauty, accuracy, durability, and mult-shot in a tiny package!


EDgun R5M

The Matador has ling been the flagship of the EDgun brand.  Ed invented the airgun bullpup, and the industry followed.  The R5M standard is a mere 26 inches, but can deliver the absolute smack down.  This is my backyard bully buster setup for critter dirt naps!


The Scopes I Use

EDgun Dedal Stalker

The Dedal Stalker scope is hands down one of the nicest compact scopes I've ever looked through.  It was designed specifically for Ed's compact line of airguns.  Use the shop button below to purchase, or click here to read a detailed review from Pitor Ma.  It's the perfect scope for the Leshiy, and just a durable... which is an amazing thing when you think about it.


ATN X-Sight 4K Pro

If you're a fan of the EDgun Leshiy YouTube channel, you can thank ATN Corp.  I needed a nightvision scope, and when I got it, I noticed the thing recorded in HD... the rest is history.  The early firmware was iffy, but it's solid now.  I have 100's of hours of footage as proof.  You're getting a day scope, night scope, and a pretty nice digital camera all-in-one... hard to beat this value.


ATN Thor 4

Thermal is next level... I mean words cannot describe how badass this scope is on top of an EDgun, or any airgun for that matter.  Nothing can hide.  It's crazy how much I was missing with regular nightvision.  Don't get me wrong, nightvision is sweet, but Thermal is just next level.  The only downside is the footage.  It doesn't show as well as the 4K video

ATN X Sight 4K Pro - Refurbished Sale

Misc Accessories

Tactacam 5.0 FTS

Ever wonder how I get all those different camera angle shots for the videos on the EDgun Leshiy YouTube Channel?  The Tactacam 5.0 camera and remote system is amazing and simple to use.  


Air Tanks

The achilles heel of the PCP airguns is 100% air source.  There are a few routes to go, but for me, I choose a carbon fiber tank.  I get it filled at the local scuba shop about every 1-2 months. 


Streamlight TLR1

The ATN X Sight 4K is an amazing day and night scope.  It comes with an IR, but it's not that great.  This little compact one from Streamlight makes a night and day difference... pun intended.


Eagle Vision Cam

So many people already have invested $$ into a GoPro camera (myself included).  Eagle Vision makes, in my opinion, the very best compact scope cam setup for the GoPro.