Himiway Cobra eBike - a Game Changer in the woods and Streets!

Exploration has always been in our DNA, but with the Himiway Cobra eBike, we can explore further, faster, and with more thrill than ever before! A game-changer in eBikes, the Himiway Cobra is swiftly revolutionizing the outdoor experience. Whether you're a professional hunter or a weekend warrior, this eBike unlocks a new level of adventure, promising an unparalleled experience in the great outdoors.

Himiway Cobra eBike - Hunting with EDgun Leshiy

I recently got my 2nd Himiway Cobra.  I took her out for some scouting and squirrel hunting, and completely fell in love with this eBike.  As I always do, I filmed that little adventure, and you can watch it below:

I've got almost 700 miles on this eBike in about 2 months of having it.  With 2 of them, it's a lot easier to convince someone in my family to go for a rip.  

Key Features of the Himiway Cobra eBike:

1. Robust Performance: Equipped with a powerful 750W brushless geared hub motor, the Himiway Cobra delivers robust performance, ensuring you have all the power you need to conquer any terrain.

2. Long-Range Battery Life: With its 48V 17.5Ah Samsung/LG cells lithium battery, this eBike guarantees long-range rides so you can delve deeper into the wilderness without a second thought.  I've personally taken a single ride just over 48 miles, and had plenty of juice left!

3. Superior Traction and Control: The Himiway Cobra features 20x4.0" Kenda fat tires, offering superior traction and control, especially essential for navigating challenging terrains encountered in hunting expeditions.  The first day of the hunt was pouring rain.  The mud, gravel, and everything in between were no match for these wheels.

4. Advanced Suspension System: Featuring a Mozo hydraulic front fork with 100mm of travel and a lockout function, the Himiway Cobra absorbs shocks like a pro, providing a smooth and comfortable ride on uneven surfaces.  It took me a minute to dial this front fork in with all that available adjustment, but the extra few minutes of testing things were well worth it.  The bike rides like you're on a cloud!

5. Versatile Usage: With its adjustable saddle height and various riding modes, the Himiway Cobra caters to many users and offers flexibility for different riding styles and environments.  The computer is pretty straight forward, and with the help of YouTube, I got all the pedal assist modes just the way I want them.  With that said, it's pretty awesome to just press that accelerator and cruise at 25mph!

Game Changer in the Woods...

The Himiway Cobra eBike is swiftly becoming a treasured ally for hunting enthusiasts. The silent operation of its motor ensures that you can approach prey without disturbing the tranquility of the wilderness. Its impressive battery life and robust performance mean hunters can cover vast distances swiftly, saving energy for the actual hunt. The superior traction and advanced suspension system enable riders to navigate through rugged terrains, ensuring no location is out of reach.

Himiway Cobra eBike - EDgun Leshiy Channel

Using the Himiway Cobra for hunting means less time spent on getting to the location and more time enjoying the thrill of the hunt. It also expands the possibilities, allowing hunters to explore previously inaccessible areas and ensuring a more fruitful and enjoyable hunting experience. In essence, the Himiway Cobra eBike is not just changing the game; it's redefining it!

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Himiway Cobra eBike - Hunting with EDgun Leshiy

Adventure awaits with the Himiway Cobra eBike! With its unparalleled features and performance, it's your ticket to unlocking the full potential of the great outdoors. Whether you're hunting, exploring, or simply enjoying nature, the Himiway Cobra promises a ride like no other. Remember to use your exclusive discount and join the eBike revolution today!

See ya out there!



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