My EDgun Leshiy 2 - .22 Cal Setup

EDgun Leshiy 2 .22 cal from EDgun West
My EDgun Leshiy 2 in .22 cal has a funny backstory to it… it was actually someone else’s… and that previous owner was a douche (lol).  He took it apart (not sure why), and couldn’t get it back together… he then did the classic “it came like this move”, and demanded a full refund!  One douches trash is another mans treasure… and so the story of my .22 EDgun Leshiy 2 Short began.  I’m actually pretty happy because I got the gun sent to me semi broken with a bag of parts to fix it.  It was a good excuse to roll up the sleeves and learn this little gun.  What I learned was how easy and actually simple it is… I’ll save that for another blog/day… let’s get to what you probably clicked on this article for… the details of this rig!

All my other Leshiy 2 rigs are full gas, so with this one I wanted to really tune it down to have an ultra quiet setup for squirrels, rats, and chipmunks.  Out of the box is was ripping 25gr at 800fps!  The .22 cal is a perfect choice for a slow speed setup because you can still get a decent amount of energy with a heavy pellet at slow speeds.  With some changes to the reg, power jets, and puck size, here’s the 25gr JSB Monster Resigns 

Low Power tune for the EDgun Leshiy 2

I won’t be shooting this gun beyond 30-40 yards… so the slow heavy tune is perfect.  Add in the Huma Mod 30 supressor, and it’s crazy quiet!  I have 2 scopes I use… for daytime, I’m running the small US Optics TS 12.  This is an amazing little optic, and it films great with the Eagle Vision Scope Cam system.  When the sun goes down, I’m rolling with the ATN 4K LTV.  While I also have the 4K Pro optic, the LTV is a really great NV scope.  It has less features, but it’s almost 1/2 the size!  This setup is tiny, so that played a big part in why I often throw that one on.  The rest of the rig is pretty simple and clean… It’s a medium Valkryie aluminum Handguard with the Huma Mod 30 supressor underneath.  I love this as it keeps the gun crazy short… like Ed intended.  I have a small Atlas Bipod, and then the Magpul sling mount to wrap it all up.

ATN X Sight 4K Pro and X Sight 4K LTV

Quick Links to this rig:

Gun (EDgun Leshiy 2 - 250mm .22cal):
Handguard (Valkyrie Handguard - Medium):
Suppressor (Huma Mod-30 - 5 Stacks):
Optic (ATN Corp 4K LTV):
Optic (US Optics TS 12):
Sling Mount (Magpul RSA QD):
Scope Cam (Eaglevision GoPro Mount and 4K Lens):
Carbon Fiber Leshiy Bottle (Exclusive to EDgun West):

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