My EDgun Leshiy 2 - 7.62mm (.30 cal) Setup

EDgun Leshiy 7.62mm .30 cal

The EDgun Leshiy 2 in 7.62mm (or also referred to as .30 cal) is amazing little truck gun.  While it’s technically an airgun, I often feel like I’m shooting my .223 in my backyard… this little fella packs a punch!  I’m running the short configuration (250mm barrel).  It can fold to as small as 14”, and is capable of shooting a 50gr JSB pellet just over 800fps.  I have mine shooting 715fps as that is more than enough for my needs.  In 600mm barrel configurations you can expect a 50gr pellet to get into the mid 900’s!  If you’re looking for something small, that can take small to mid-size game (Squirrel's, Iguana’s, Hogs, etc)… the 7.62mm is for you.  While the 250mm barrel config brings the heat, if you’re looking for longer range and more power for Hogs, Coyotes, etc… you should consider the 350, 450, or 600mm barrel options.

EDgun Leshiy YouTube Channel - Dirty .30 Leshiy 2 7.62mm

Quick Links to my Dirty .30 (EDgun Leshiy 2 7.62mm) rig:

Optic (US Optics TS 20x):
Carbon Fiber Leshiy Bottle (Exclusive to EDgun West):

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