24 hours of pesting madness - shooting chipmunks, rats, and skunks in my backyard

I'm coming back with a mid week post to show you guys a crazy 24 hour pesting session I had.  My neighbors are doing a pretty major construction project where they have been digging up old foundation for the last couple of days.  The digging and overall disturbance is making all burrowed pests go mental.  I work from home, and have cameras everywhere as you know ;)... it was a shoot > work break > shoot > work break kind of day!

I used every EDgun I own... the EDgun Leshiy, the EDgun Matador R5M Standard, and the EDgun Veles for a follow-up after a poor shot, or one hardcore chipmunk.

The day started off with a quick chipmunk... not out of the ordinary, but after 2 and 3, I knew I was in for a big day!

Here's 4 chipmunks being dispatched with the EDgun Leshiy .25 and the EDgun Matador R5M Standard .25.  All scope cam footage is through the ATN X Sight 4K Pro 3-14x.

There was a solid work break at this point... I think I saw a few squirrels and bunch of house sparrows, but I left them alone... gots to pay the bills!

After dusk, the action continued.  Here was the first rat.  It's a pretty small one, and the footage is so so... so (3 so's!) I had a little editing fun, and made an Atari Ratting video game.

While I was editing that on my phone, my iPad through an alert there was movement in the neighbors yard. Unless it's a monster rat, those alerts are typically from something larger... and LARGE it was!! The previous 2 nights I've gotten skunks.  They travel is packs, and then kind of branch out for grazing solo.  The last time this happened (late winter / early spring) I got 5 or 6.

Here's a giant one that came in... and per the usual, my neighbor helped me bag it, tag it, and send it to the butcher... kidding, just couldn't help with a little Phish reference ;).  She did help me bag it though!

Finally, about 12 hours after it all started... these rats came in rapid succession.  Ratting with airguns is where this all began for me.  Here's some slow motion footage showing how accurate all the EDgun airguns really are.  

Have a great rest of the week!  I'll be the one playing work catchup and smashing coffee... epic camping trip coming later this week!



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